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The Top Three Skincare Products for Men

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We get asked often “do men come in for facials?” And while we think that is a crazy question – answer: of course, they do, and we are staunch supporters of facials for men -- we understand why it gets asked often. Men traditionally spend lest time on skincare and many have confessed to doing frightening things like using shampoo as facial cleanser. The horror! The easier it is, the more popular it usually is for him. But we cherish our male clients and give them serious credit for coming in for their monthly facials. While women make up much of our facial business, nearly 20% of our business is male based. We are working on a separate post tailored around which facial treatments are best for men, but until then and in honor of Father’s Day, we wanted to highlight three of our favorite skincare products for our male clientele. When putting together this list, we considered the time he is willing to spend on using products because we say it over and over again at the facial spa, but we do not try to sell product to anyone we feel won’t ever us it. We tailor your skincare product regimen around your lifestyle and not only what your skin can use, but what you will actually use on a daily or weekly bases when it comes to lessor-used items like exfoliating masks or clean retinols.

The Top Three Skincare Products for Men

  1. SPF

SPF is #1 on every one of our skincare lists. It is an essential, non-negotiable for every client, especially men. If you skimp on one item, do not skip on SPF. Suntregrity’s Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen is our favorite. You do not need much of it (only a bean sized amount goes a long way) and for a mineral sunscreen, it blends in pretty well which means you can maneuver it around a beard without looking like a ghost. It is also full of potent hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Red Algae, Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Sunflower, Pomegranate, Green Tea and Cucumber, it’s a two in one for men, basically has the benefits of a serum and UV protection. A winning combination! Good for all skin types and tones, you also cannot lose with the best-selling Sonage Protect Plus Natural SPF30. This mineral sunscreen is also a two in one full of incredibly nourishing ingredients like anti-aging Red Algae, Honeysuckle and Sandalwood.

overhead product photo of suntegrity natural face sunscreen

 2. A Dual Action Cleanser

If you are going to invest in skincare, invest in a great cleanser. You use it twice a day, it better be amazing right?! Which is why we consistently encourage our male clients to invest in a duel action cleanser and Osea’s Ocean Cleanser is our most turned-to cleanser for men. It is universal in that most people will benefit from it, it is part exfoliating (hello Vegan Lactic Acid), and it works remarkably well at removing dirt and oil. Let us be real, many men are probably washing their face once daily in the shower (and as stated above, sometimes with shampoo – cringe), so it better be a hard-working cleanser. And Osea’s Ocean Cleanser works like a dream. It smells yummy too and bonus, it's also a great shaving cream.

overhead photo of osea's ocean cleanser which is a green product in a clean glass bottle, with a white pump

3. A Clean Moisturizer

Men love to moisturize! We all do. Chances are if you peek into any man’s medicine cabinet (or wherever he keeps his products) you will find a moisturizer. When you think of skincare, moisturizer pops up as the most referenced item. For good reason, no one wants dry skin, do they? But the problem is many people are turning to drugstore brand moisturizers that are full of toxic ingredients or too many fillers like Silicone. So, toss those, and invest in a clean moisturizer like The Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream. This lightweight moisturizer provides barrier protection and is rich in antioxidants and minerals which will leave his skin silky smooth and healthy.

overhead photo of osea atmosphere protection cream on a tan background with a light shadow on the right side. Product is creamy white in a clear glass bottle with green font and a white cap

In Conclusion

There you have it. Our quick and easy list of the top three skincare products for men. And bonus, these products are universal, and are amazing for women too! And teens. So not matter what your family or household looks like (all men, all women, too many kids), if you are in the mood to share (no harm if you aren’t) an option is to invest in a few universal items the whole family can enjoy. Again, unless you do not want to share – they can get their own products!

Until we publish our post on the best facial treatment for men, we suggest checking out our facial menu online and please do not hesitate with any questions. Our most popular facials for men are The Cleanser and The Undecided which is just as it sounds, for those of you who are undecided on which facial is best for your skin-type, let our Glow Givers (Estheticians) choose with you.

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