How to Care for your Eyebrows after Eyebrow Lamination

By Cheeks + Co

Congratulations! Your brows are fresh and laminated. Now for the important part: aftercare. Aftercare can make the difference of multiple weeks when it comes to eyebrow lamination. Follow the steps below to ensure you get the most out of your service.

If you had your brows laminated at a Cheeks + Co location - you should receive a complimentary castor oil kit. 

  • DO NOT wet brows for 24hrs: Avoid swimming, sauna, excessive sweating. Moisture loosens lamination form, resulting in a return to your brow's natural shape.
  • DO NOT apply makeup/products on brows for 24hrs: Processed brows can be sensitive to chemicals or moisture.
  • DO NOT rub brows when removing makeup/products: When removing makeup/beauty products from brows, for best results cleanse upwards. Cleansing brows downwards will damage lamination form or break hair.
  • Apply castor oil/moisturizing agents daily: Brow Lamination requires moisturizing and strengthening treatments.  After applying moisturizer / oil, brush brows upwards.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face/brows as much as possible: Sleeping on brows or face will damage the form of your lamination. This may also cause broken hair and hair loss. Sometimes it's impossible, so if you slept on your brows (don't worry - you'll be fine!) and the outcome is messy, apply castor oil and brush your brows. Castor oil will help assemble brows.

We'll see you again in 8 - 10 weeks!