Smiles and Self-Care with Brandi Sellers-Jackson

Smiles and Self-Care with Brandi Sellers-Jackson

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We don’t know what’s more unbelievable: the fact that we shot this feature in early 2022, or that it’s October 2022 and we are finally getting around to posting it nine months later! I guess you can say, we were pregnant with this post. 2022 has been a busy one. We’ve grown, expanded, and met so many amazing women in the Pasadena Facial Spa - including the ever radiant Brandi Sellers-Jackson

Brandi’s bio is exhausting and inspiring at the same time: Mother, Founder, Social Media Boss, Doula, Author, Gorgeous Human -  and she does this all with an infectious smile on her face. To name a few, Brandi is ... (click here for full list):

Author @penguinrandomhouse

@momsincolor Co-Founder

Social Media (Mom)ager @ergobaby

@eddiebauer Contributor

She is also the founder of the women’s online platform #NotSoPrivateParts 


We had the pleasure of treating Brandi to a Pamper Me facial, full of exfoliation, some light extractions, masking and the extra TLC this #boymom of three deserves. She hung around after and let us admire her a little longer and shoot some photos with the incredible Morgan Pansing. That way we can hold onto her radiance until we see Brandi again for another facial. 

All photography by Morgan Pansing


Brandi played our Q&A game and answered all of our skincare questions! And to date, she has our favorite answer of all time to the question: My Skincare Routine is ________.  

Fill in the blank. Self-care to me is 

Looking inward and giving myself exactly what I need. 

How and how often do you incorporate self-care into your routine? 

I try to take moments every day where I check in, whether that be writing, jotting down a quick note, etc. I really prioritize my nighttime skincare routine. It’s a moment to just touch my skin and show gratitude. 

Tell us one thing you wish you did more often for yourself. 

I wish I was a lot more gentle with myself. We can all use a bit more self gentleness and brevity. 

brandi sellers jackson


What's your favorite way to unwind after a stressful day or week?

A warm shower and all the oils and salves… I love streaming a good show after. 

If there were one thing you wish you would be easier on yourself about, what would it be? 

I am in the process of being gentle around expectations. I am also in the process of being more easier with myself as we all wade through post childhood trauma. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither are we. 

Define skin health. 

I believe skin health is self care. It is a moment to become intimate with self. 

Fill in the blank. My skincare routine is _______ . 


What is your number one skin concern?

Hyper-pigmentation was a primary concern. However, since changing diet and really leaning into clean skincare, it has done wonders. 


Tell us about your daily skincare routine. What products you use, how often you get facials, etc. 

I use Osea’s Milky cleanser. I also use their serum and the atmosphere protection followed by Oak Essentials oil. I also use the Sola Wave Wand

Name three things you love about your appearance.

I love my brown skin, smile and my cheekbones.

Do you have a favorite feature?

My favorite feature is my cheekbones. They remind me of my grandmother and her mother before. 

Can you share a recent or regular skincare splurge? 

Special salves can be pricey. However, they are totally worth it! 

Is there an unusual skincare trend you want to try?

I would love to try the vampire facial? Where they put blood back into your face as fillers? I’m just interested. 

What is the best skincare tip you’ve ever received, or one you love to share? 

Drink water. Stay hydrated. It’s seriously the best 

Do you have a favorite skincare ingredient or product? 

I love all things Osea

What about skin care vices? Is there anything you do to your skin that you wish you didn't? 

Sometimes when I am too tired, (it doesn’t happen a lot) BUT sometimes, I will sleep in my makeup. I know. Gasp. 

Is there a beauty trend you would absolutely never try?

Anything toxic with harmful chemicals. Not really into that. 

If you were stranded on a desert island and could pick only one beauty product to have with you, what would it be and why? 

Water. Give me water. 

How has the pandemic shaped how you think of self care?

I think of it a lot more intimately. Since being in quarantine, I see how important self care can be both ritual and intentional practice for your overall mental health. 

Thank you Brandi Sellers-Jackson! You're the best. 

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