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Why we Love Botnia Skincare

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Oh, how we love Botnia Skincare, let us count the ways. As a facial spa, there are hundreds (even thousands) of clean skincare brands on the market to choose from to not only use in our facial treatments, but to sell to our clients as part of their at-home skincare routine. This is great for the end consumer (you), but difficult as a facial spa to narrow it down. Not only must every single one of the products we use and carry function, but they must be useful in the treatment room and designed with facials in mind, not just home care. When choosing our carefully-edited assortment of clean skincare brands, Botnia was always at the top of our list. For many reasons, but here are:

Five reasons we Love Botnia Skincare

  1. By Esthetician for Esthetician (and of course non-Estheticians too)

Botnia was founded by Justine Kahn who also runs Skin Remedy facial spa in San Francisco. It was important to us that the products we use in our facial room are good for you (meaning no harmful ingredients that will irritate your skin) and useful in the treatment room. Justine knows what it takes to perform a top-shelf facial, and this is obvious when using her products. Botnia as a brand is also incredibly supportive of their brand partners. They host regular training sessions, so our entire team of Glow Givers are not only educated on Botnia products but are regularly updated with refresher courses. We love our Botnia trainings. When you step foot into our facial spa in Pasadena, or chat with a Glow Giver online, you are sure to receive knowledge on the products we carry, when and how to use them and what’s best for your skin type.

  1. Customizable Products

If you have visited us for a facial, chances are you have experienced the wonder of Botnia’s custom blended masks. Botnia grows and harvests (on their farm in Sausalito) the most gorgeous assortment of flower compounds, Hydrosols and Boosters that when blended carefully together provide a customized treatment for each client. After accessing your skin, we blend a targeted wet mask, just for you. Bonus, their masks smell divine. Greens and Chamomile are personal favorites. Maybe you are reading this and thinking, great, how that does that help me if I do not live in Pasadena or get facials often? Botnia created at home versions of their best-selling masks like Kale Yeah, Flower Powder and our favorite zit zapper, the Fix-Zit Mask which is a simple yet effective blend of home grown oatmeal and sulfur -- two ingredients when combined together will eliminate inflammation and blemishes in record time. And bonus, it's fun mixing your Botnia masks at home. Depending on your skin type you can use water, yogurt, or honey.

  1. Gentle Products

Remember those thousands of clean skincare brands we mentioned in the first paragraph? Along with that are hundreds of brands that churn out hundreds of super-active products like acids. Disclaimer: We LOVE acids! But in moderation and when balanced out with more gentle products. Botnia uses acids in their products, but in a thoughtful and gentle way.  For example, the Botnia Daily Face Wash contains willow bark which is a BHA (Salicylic Acid) great for oily and combination skin as it is oil soluble and helps draw out oil from blemish prone skin – in a good way. If looking for a super-gentle product, the Botnia Gentle Cleanser is a must. So, when using Botnia you can be certain that every product you use will respect your all holy acid mantle.

  1. Good People

Botnia is run by a team of good great people. They are incredibly kind, thoughtful, and considerate. And this compassion shows in their products. They genuinely care about every single item they produce, and your skin can tell. They love their clients (including wholesale partners) and will do everything in their power to make you a happy customer.

  1. Approachable Pricing

Botnia products are some of the most affordable clean skincare products we carry. And not only are the prices approachable, items like their masks last for many uses. One of their most expensive items is the Botnia Hydrating Serum, and even at $49, the quality of the product far outweighs the price tag.

Whether you have heard of Botnia and are ready to purchase but unsure if it’s a good investment -- or maybe this is the first time reading about the brand (welcome!) -- we hope these five points above help introduce the brand. We are thrilled we chose to work with Botnia and by the response we receive daily (clients come from all over Los Angeles looking just for Botnia), we have a feeling most of you feel, or will fill the same. When open, you are welcome to stop by our facial spa in Pasadena to test Botnia products, or shop Botnia 24/7 online.

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