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The Spa Reopening Checklist

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The Coronavirus Pandemic has created serious collateral damage, including the shutdown of millions of businesses around the world. Thriving service-based businesses like Facial Spas, Waxing Studios, Massage Studios and Nail Salons (just to a name a few) went from bustling businesses seeing multiple clients a day, to ghost towns overnight. Millions were forced out of work, and businesses (including Cheeks & Co) had no idea how long they would be shuttered and when they are able to reemerge, what business will look like. With reopening on the very-near horizon (hopefully we are open by the time you read this!), we have put hours into designing what our spa will look like in this new COVID-19 world. Our business looks different, because operating a safe spa under a viral threat must be, but that is OK. A slightly different business, with some added safety steps is a small price to pay for being able to reopen our doors and serve our customers again. And while the world has not labeled facials essential business, we believe healthy skin and self-care is essential. And your emails, calls and eagerness to return is proof of that.  If you are a spa owner, Esthetician, or just curious about what safety precautions we are taking, we wanted to share 10 of the most-important things we are doing to make our spa ready for opening during a global Pandemic.

10 Important Steps for a Safe Spa Reopening

Face Masks: This is a no brainer (masks are proven to prevent the spread of COVID-19), but many businesses in certain regions are not implementing it. Forget no shoes, no service. The new normal is No Mask, No Service. Make sure both your clients, and Estheticians wear a mask as well. During certain treatments like Facials, your client will remove their mask. You will apply a hydrating mask instead 😊 Since some amenities are no longer available (see no water below) offering clients a mask if they do not have one is a nice replacement for now. And you will hate to turn a way a client if they forget their mask – just have one waiting for them! We always keep a box of masks handy just in case.

Face Shields: Along with masks, we recommend all Estheticians wear a face shield, and disinfect it between clients. We love these face shields by Bio-Therapeutic. This one does not get its own bullet point, but we are checking everyone’s temperature at Cheeks & Co and use this infrared thermometer of theirs which works super quick and very well. You can sign up for a professional account online.

Disposable when Possible: We hate to promote waist, but until there is a proven treatment for COVID-19 or a Vaccine, we recommend using disposable supplies when possible. At Cheeks & Co we have chosen to use disposable head wraps. Our towels, bedding and facial wraps have not changed and are not disposable. Those will be laundered daily as they were before.

Longer Time Between Treatments: You will have to play with your schedule a little and may have to shorten treatments to accommodate, but the extra cleaning required between treatments means your staff will need more time to turn over a room between their facial, wax, massage or other treatment.

No Talking: OK let us rephrase this one. Less talking. COVID-19 is proven to spread through aerosol droplets, and we produce the most aerosol when we talk, sing, cough, and sneeze. So, to protect both Esthetician and Clients, talking should be limited to exchanges regarding the treatment. Sorry no gossip!

Proper Signage: You will need to be prepared with clear, on-brand signage. Signage for where to sit, mask required, standing instructions, etc. Canva makes it extremely easy to design your own signs, and you can print them through their Website in two easy clicks.

Eliminate Product Testers: If your spa has a retail section where you sell items like clean skincare products, or other products related to your services, gone are the days of testers. We will be storing our testers away. The less items to touch, the better.

Go Paperless: Now is the time to streamline your forms (client intakes, waivers) and go online only. Instruct all new clients to fill out their new client forms before they arrive. Waiver Master makes this quite easy for spas. We recommend creating a special COVID-19 waiver that must be signed before all treatments.

Stock up on PPE and Supplies: This is a little misleading as supplies like rubber gloves and the almighty disinfectant wipes are in very short supply, but start early, search around, and make sure your spa is equipped with the proper supplies so you are able to properly clean up all surfaces.

No More Cucumber Water: This is a hard one for us, but it is just not safe to offer clients beverages for now. So, you will want to remove your water station, and instruct clients not to bring in outside food or beverages, unless it is a water bottle they keep in their bag.

We also suggest creating an easy-to-read page on your Website that lists your new COVID-19 Guidelines, and share this with your clients. They can bookmark it and make sure they are prepared for their first visit since closure. If you send out booking or appointment confirmations, this is a good time to link to these guidelines and show your clients on how to sign your new and updated digital waivers. If you are a client or potential facial client reading this, we cannot wait to see you! If you are a fellow spa or Esthetician, we wish you best of luck and all the success in the world with reopening. These past few months have been difficult and scary, but trust that the future is bright and with the right planning and safety precautions in place, you will be back to thriving and seeing clients smoothly and quickly. Your business may look a little different, but you will be there serving clients which is all that really matters in the long run.



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