Cheeks & Co is a Space for You

  • A space for you to unwind for an hour (or an hour 1/2).
  • A space for you to relax, free from judgement and self-care guilt.
  • A space for you to get pampered.
  • A space for you to feel special.
  • A space for you to learn more about your skin.  
  • A space for you to embrace your skin and treat it kindly.
  • A space for you to leave glowing.
  • A space for you to satisfy your cravings for amazing skincare products. 

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are now reopen for facials and body waxing. An adhesive mask will be provided and must be worn during all facial treatments in order to adhere to the County Health Order. 

Our Skincare Services

We are a facial spa specializing in facials and body waxing. Located in Historic Old Pasadena, our location is convenient and offers amenities like free 90-minute parking, easy online booking, a popular facial membership, and strict COVID-19 safety protocols.

Each of our facials is built around our signature Formula: the three pillars of skin health. 

  1. Flow (Circulation and Movement)
  2. Guided Exfoliation and Cell Turnover
  3. Moisture Optimization

Our combined decades of experience as Glow Givers (Licensed Estheticians) taught us that skincare products and treatments can often be too harsh, not the right fit for all skin types, and disrupt your skin barrier, leading to a host of unwanted skin conditions. We created Cheeks & Co as a skincare retreat focused on working with sensitive skin, inflammation (acne and breakouts), congestion, dry, dehydrated skin, and those of you just missing that GLOW.


We combine well-known facial modalities (microdermabrasion, high frequency, peels) with cult-favorites like Gua Sha Facial Massage (our favorite!), Microcurrent and LED. *Disclaimer: each facial includes an extra-special neck and shoulder massage, so we cannot guarantee you will stay awake during your facial. Please see our full facial treatment menu for more details on each facial treatment.

Waxing *NEW*

We are excited to introduce full body waxing to our skincare menu. Our Glow Givers are trained in J Skibba’s accelerated speed technique. We use hard wax on all areas except for under arms, legs, and upper lip, and do not double dip. Our spa is relaxing, super clean, and we make what is not always the most looked-forward-to treatment, not so bad after all!

Skincare Boutique

We are product junkies. There - we said it. We love effective products, so we spend hours each month curating and updating our skincare assortment with products that work, smell really good and bring on your glow in the most effective and enjoyable way possible, minus unnecessary filler or harmful ingredients. We believe that professional skincare guidance is essential to choosing the right products, so our Glow Givers and staff with help you choose a routine that not only works for your skin type, but also fits into your individual lifestyle.

While based in Pasadena, our clients looking for the best facial experience travel from all over Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley including Highland Park, Silver Lake, South Pasadena, Eagle Rock, San Gabriel, Alhambra, and more. 

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