Rachel Pally's Skin Care Secrets

Rachel Pally's Skin Care Secrets

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 Glowing skin by Cheeks & Co, Photography by Jenna Elliott

Clothing designer and born and bred Angelino, Rachel Pally is confident, strong, kind and easygoing. She emits a natural glow. We could live in her similarly easygoing dresses and tops, just like we did over ten years ago when we first discovered her eponymous line at a boutique in San Francisco. While her clothing has evolved with her, Rachel Pally has successfully grown the brand organically and at her own pace, staying true to herself, and evolving into the cherished brand it is today. We met Rachel in the morning, after the whirlwind of early emails and school drop offs, and proudly gave her the TLC she deserves.

Rachel Pally

After consulting with her Esthetician Anjanette, Gua Sha was the facial of choice, and a nice excuse to take a 60-minute nap. ‘Gua Sha Glow’ is a hero facial at Cheeks & Co. Rightfully so, as Gua Sha aides in circulation, reduces inflammation, gives the skin an unforgettable ‘glow’, improves skin’s texture and can help treat common conditions like TMJ and sinus congestion.

Rachel Pally

Rachel left the treatment dewy and glowing. Immediately after the facial, we captured a photo series of Rachel, fresh-faced and showcasing Rachel’s natural beauty. We also take a peek into Rachel’s self-care routine, the skin care treatments she’ll never try, and one product she swears fixes everything.

Finish the sentence. Self-care to me is ​...

being kind to myself. 

How and how often do you incorporate self-care into your routine?

I try to do something every day - I meditate, I journal, I do a face mask, I take a long shower, I stretch before bed.  I don't always have a lot of time but even listening to a mindful podcast on my way to work helps!

Rachel Pally

Can you share with us something you wish you did more often.  

Hike. Dance. Nap. 

What's your favorite way to unwind after a stressful day or week?  

I love to pour a glass of wine and snuggle up with my kids. Or my husband. Or a good book.

Describe your definition of skin health. 

Glowy, moisturized, soft.

Fill in the blank. My skin care routine is ...

BASIC.  I wash my face.  I put oil on it.

Rachel Pally Skincare Shopping

What is your number one skin concern? 

Looking dull or having dry patches.

Tell us about your daily skin care routine. What products you use, how often you get facials, etc.

I very rarely get facials.  Right now I'm using an oil cleanser from Wonder Valley and I use True Botanicals Renew Oil.  I have other products from True Botanicals but never remember to use them.

Name three things you love about your appearance.

My smile.  My skin. My strong shoulders and arms from carrying my kids! 

What's your favorite feature?  

My smile.

Rachel Pally Smile

Can you share a recent or regular skin care splurge? 

True Botanicals Renew Oil and overnight moisture mask (thanks for the reminder...I have to use it!)

Is there an unusual skin care trend you want to try?  

Vampire facials!  Just kidding.  I would never do that.  But its the only unusual trend I could think of!

What is the best skin care tip you’ve ever received, or one you love to share?

Always wear sunscreen!

Do you have a favorite skin care ingredient or product?

I love any oil.  I love it for my body, my face, my hair.  

What about skin care vices? Is there anything you do you that you wish you didn't? 

I pick at my pores!  I can't stop myself.  

Rachel Pally

Is there a beauty trend you'll absolutely never try?

Fillers. I think everyone looks older when they start putting stuff in their face!  Its a downward spiral!

If you were stranded on a desert island and could pick only one beauty product to have with you, what would it be and why? 

Paw Paw cream.  It fixes everything.


Rachel wears the new Rachel Pally Simona Dress. During her facial, her Esthetician used Osea, Botnia and a Beauty Secrets Gua Sha stone.

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