Clean Skincare with ILIA Founder Sasha Plavsic

Clean Skincare with ILIA Founder Sasha Plavsic

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When people ask me how I got into beauty, I have a few responses, but most of them involve my tenure at ILIA. The clean beauty brand has skyrocketed in what seems like overnight, but I can attest that Sasha Plavsic built the brand from nothing, and it was definitely not overnight. I had the privilege to work by her side during the first seven+ years of the business, through the ups and downs, and witness her pure dedication to creating beautiful products that are not only clean, but most-importantly perform and work with the skin vs. against it. I wouldn't be here today pampering you if not for what i learnt during that time. So it was only natural she come in to visit, and experience ‘The Face Trainer’ at Cheeks & Co! 

Sasha Plavsic


We met up on a lovely sunny day in Pasadena, during one of the many two-week dips in COVID-19 surges, caught up on the past, her two little ladies, how crazy it is to run a multi-million dollar company, and how she’s managing to stay sane during such turbulent times. We talked about microcurrent, her favorite skincare ingredients and so much more.

Hint: keep reading to find out the one ILIA product Sasha is bringing with her if stranded on a desert island. xxTina

Sasha received the ‘Pamper Me' Face Trainer and this photo series was shot by Jenna Elliott immediately following her facial in Pasadena

Fill in the blank. Self-care to me is ______.

Taking time to be alone with myself and turn off my mind.

How and how often do you incorporate self-care into your routine? 

Not often enough! But I do try to get out for a walk or do some exercise a few days a week.

Tell us one thing you wish you did more often for yourself. 

Facials! Self-care for the skin is important, and don’t get them done nearly enough. 

 Sasha Plavsic ILIA Beauty

What's your favorite way to unwind after a stressful day or week?

Spend some time with kids on the couch. Or pour a glass of wine and cook dinner. Anything to break up the zoom routine away from the screen is a good thing.

If there were one thing you wish you would be easier on yourself about, what would it be? 

Acceptance of what I can do and what I can’t. Often I try to do too much, and it usually results in a crash and burn moment. 

Define skin health. 

At ILIA we say skin health depends on two things: to protect and revive. SPF should be used to help protect the skin, especially in California. Reviving can be done with so many ingredients that regenerate the skin over time.

Sasha Plavsic ILIA Beauty

Fill in the blank. My skincare routine is.

Serious at night and built into ILIA products in the day. 

What is your number one skin concern?

It used to be acne but now it is around elasticity, smoothness, fine lines!

Tell us about your daily skincare routine. What products you use, how often you get facials, etc. 

In the evenings I like to rotate between a barrier building moisturizer and gentle acids or retinoids. In the day, I use Vitamin C and other skin boosting ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide to help keep the vigor from the routine going.

Name three things you love about your appearance.

Wow! That makes me feel vain. I am told I have nice skin texture, big eyes, and great legs.

Do you have a favorite feature?

I don’t think I do. I believe it’s about finding ways to highlight your best features and bring others into balance. Harmony between features can be a beautiful thing. Outside of a bold lip, which is a feature I will always love.

Can you share a recent or regular skincare splurge?

I invested in the Myolift QT handheld microcurrent device and you were right, it’s amazing.

Is there an unusual skincare trend you want to try?

This is more cosmetic, but am looking to try Microinfusion, which is similar to Microneedling but with a boost of skincare ingredients.

What is the best skincare tip you’ve ever received, or one you love to share? 

One of the best tips is that your skin doesn’t stop at the jawline, the neck and décolletage are also part of the equation.

Do you have a favorite skincare ingredient or product? 

Right now I’m loving Thomas Grove The Facial Oil, it’s created by a fellow OC mama as well so that’s a bonus. 

Sasha Plavsic ILIA Beauty

What about skin care vices? Is there anything you do to your skin that you wish you didn't? 

I am a side sleeper. Always have been and always will be. It’s a vice, as they say it’s much better to sleep on your back when it comes to the skin on your face. 

Is there a beauty trend you would absolutely never try?

Not sure, it would depend on the treatment.

 Sasha Plavsic ILIA Beauty

If you were stranded on a desert island and could pick only one beauty product to have with you, what would it be and why? 

This may sound like a plug but it is true: it would be ILIA’s Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40. It does everything in one step and gives me that SPF protection since I am on an island.

How has the pandemic shaped how you think of self care? 

The pandemic gave us a chance to slow down, and all too soon it picked back up. During the windows of various shutdowns, I started taking the time for skin without needing to rush a routine.

Sasha Plavsic ILIA Beauty 

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