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All About our Waxing

This is your space! Your space to pamper yourself and have us take care of any (and all if you're up for it) unwanted hair, or shape your brows to perfection. We do it all - full brazilian waxes, bikini waxes, back waxes, leg waxes, chin waxes, underarm waxes and more. We use hard wax on sensitive areas and do not double dip (ew, of course not!). Our lovely Glow Givers and modern, private treatment rooms will put you at ease.

All waxing is subject to our 12 hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations outside of the 12 hour window will be subject to 50% of the non-member service price. This is non-nogotiable and we appreciate your consideration.

Before your Wax

Make sure your hair is at least 1/4 of an inch long, or has an average of 5 - 6 weeks of growth, give or take. We know - it's hard! But try to resist the urge to shave.

If you are using prescription acne medication or prescription vitamin A, stop taking it at least two weeks before your facial wax appointment.

Try to avoid harsh exfoliating and strong acids (Glycolic for example) 48 hours before your appointment. Gentle manual exfoliation the day before is great and can help prep the skin, but the keyword is 'gentle!'

If you are booking both a facial and a wax on the same day (lucky you!), book your wax first and than your facial if possible. Call us and we will help! 626-765-6300

Waxing Menu


We'll remove all hair from down there, including the front and butt. Leave a little strip, or triangle if that's your style.



We'll remove all hair from the front (we'll leave a strip if you prefer) and the labia, or the front and the butt, you decide!

*Female genitalia only. 

BIKINI ($40+)

We'll clean up your bikini line, and will remove as much as you want! Pricing will vary if removal area extends past the sides.

*Female genitalia only.


We'll give you that gorgeous brow shape you've always dreamed of, or you probably already have amazing brows so we'll just clean them up. 


Not feeling the upper lip fuzz? Just as it sounds we will wax your upper lip.   


We will remove all hair from your sides, lip, and chin. Brows are a separate treatment. 


We will remove the hair from the sides of your face.  

CHIN ($17)

Chin up! We'll take care of any unwanted chin hair.  

NOSE ($17)

We swear, it's not as bad as it sounds! Super quick and easy, we'll use hard wax to remove any unwanted nose hair.  

EARS ($17)

We'll clean up any unwanted ear hair, inside and outside, because we love you that much. Kidding, it's super easy! 

LEGS ($44 - $70)

Soft wax is used to remove all hair from either the upper ($50), lower ($44) or full leg ($70). Up to two legs only.  

ARMS ($50)

Show off those muscles with smooth, silky arms. 


Unwanted underarm hair is the pits, so we'll wax it off for you. Easy peasy.   

BACK ($33 - $50)

 We'll remove unwanted hair from either half ($33) or all of your back ($50), whatever your preference.

CHEST ($33)

This ultra-relaxing wax ... kidding! It's not relaxing, but it is as pain free as it can be and we won't leave a hair behind.  


We'll smooth out your stomach with a quick stomach wax. Yup, that's it! 

Don't see the right availability online? Looking to book for more than one person?
Give us a call at 626-765-6300 and we'll fit you in!