Gua Sha Wing

Gua Sha Wing

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 Skin Type: Good for all Skin Types

Material: Xiuyan Jade
Due to the natural quality of Xiuyan Jade, each stone will vary in shade. 

Whether you are new to facial gua sha, or a seasoned pro, our facial gua sha stone is the perfect addition to your skincare tool kit! It's new and improved, featuring a textured 'comb' to tackle wrinkles and get deeper into fascia adhesions. Facial gua sha is a favorite modality at our Pasadena Facial Spa, and we recommend our clients continue their treatment with regular at-home practice.

Facial gua sha is highly effective at sculpting, toning and lifting the face, easing muscle tension, and stimulating blood flow. Gua sha is also great at reducing under eye puffiness, overall facial puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, jaw tension, drooping eyelids, and so much more. The different peaks and points of our facial gua sha wing make the shape of your jawline, brows, cheeks and under-eye easy to navigate. Made of the highest quality Xiuyan Jade, it is lightweight and easy to handle. 

The results of facial gua sha are both immediate (you will see an instant 'lift') and cumulative, meaning the more you do it, the greater the outcome. There is no limit on how often you can perform facial gua sha.