CJB Vibration Wand

Beauty Secrets


beautySkin Type: All Skin Types

Stone: Rose Quartz

Dimensions: 7 × 2.5 × 1 in

CBJ's vibrating wand stimulates acupressure points on the face, wakes up the skin, releases congestion, moves fluid and increases oxygen and blood flow necessary for a healthy complexion. Benefits include: 

  • Increases cellular activity
  • Rose Quartz amplifies the affect of the vibration
  • Dredges congested skin to improve skin tone
  • Brightens, lightens and tightens
  • Relieve tension, improve muscle tone
  • Contours and sculpts, reduce puffiness
  • Resonates deeply to affect variety of skin concerns

Note: AA battery not included

Rose Quartz Stone.

Use on a cleansed face. Use light pressure when moving the vibrating wand over areas that include lymph, and deeper pressure when working over areas to relieve joint pain and tension.